Turquoise parakeets

Our current breeding efforts focus primarily on Turquoise parakeets. We have several mutations of these beautiful parakeets, including dilutes (yellow) and opalines. We also keep normal (wild color) specimens and use them in our breeding program as much as we can to produce stronger birds. Most of our birds have varying levels of red suffusion on the chest and abdomen. See our Bird Galleries for examples of birds we keep and breed. We recommend Ian Sadler’s website in the UK for a great overview of sexing, mutations and the genetics of Turquoise parakeets.

Splendid (scarlet-chested) parakeets

More recently we have acquired several mutations of splendid parakeets and are currently experimenting with keeping these birds in open flights in western Oregon characterized by hot and dry summers and mild, but very wet, winter conditions. Splendids have a reputation of being the weakest Neophema species but we hope that through careful selection of strong specimens, proper housing and gradual acclimation to our weather conditions we may produce stronger and more resilient bloodlines of these truly spectacular birds. See our Bird Galleries for examples of birds we keep and breed.

Colin O’Hara in the UK and Kenneth Ray in North Carolina offer great insights into keeping and breeding a wide range of mutations of splendid parakeets.

European Goldfinches

We also keep European Goldfinches for their beauty, song and sentimental reasons.